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Lafayette Car Rental blog 3

Local Independent rental car company Auto Rental ETC specializes in 12 or 15 passenger vans for the state. 12 and 15 passenger vans for rental in Louisiana can be a rare find among rental car companies. “We’ve found a huge demand for local companies, schools, church groups, etc and decided to go all in. We offer one of the largest fleets of these 12 and 15 passenger vans in the state of Louisiana” says GM Eric Stroderd...(more)

Lafayette Car Rental blog 2

New Orleans car rental business Auto Rental ETC serves the Louis Armstrong International New Orleans airport. Auto rental vehicles can be reserved on their website and can be requested to be delivered directly to the airport for pick up and easy convenience without waiting in lines. Vehicles include compact, midsize and full size sedans and SUVs. Other vehicles include Large SUV’s, 12 or 15 passenger vans as well as luxury inventory...(more)

Lafayette Car Rental blog

Lafayette car rental location like Auto Rental ETC are growing very rapidly and customers are making their way to these types of business to not have to hassle with national brands. Auto Rental ETC goal is to clear the clutter and hassle of renting a vehicle. According to the consumer data, customers value their time much more than going the the current process of a typical rental transaction...(more)

NEW Location in Morgan City - Auto Rental ETC

Auto Rental ETC an hourly, daily, short and long term auto rental company is expanding its operational footprint to the great city of Morgan City. We're excited to announce the new location opening and more excited about the opportunity to be part of this incredible community. The operation is currently located inside the Courtesy Automotive Group's Ford and Toyota facility at 1105 Brashear Ave...(more)

Auto Rental ETC Inventory for sale

It's official, ALL of our inventory is for sale!!!!! That's right, everything we have!!!! Auto Rental ETC business has an fantastic supply of high quality, late model inventory like cars, trucks, vans, and SUV's available and ready to SELL. Visit our Auto Rental ETC car sales site powered by DW Automotive Group to browse our inventory of more than 500 plus vehicles. ..(more)

Wedding packages - 12 and 15 Passenger Vans

Wedding Packages by Auto Rental ETC - Need transportation services for your wedding? No PROBLEM! Auto Rental ETC has one of the largest selections of 12 and 15 passenger vans in Louisiana. Planning out your transportation needs for your wedding? Wedding Packages 1. Package A 12 or 15 passenger Van (Low roof) - $129 per day 2. Package B 12 or 15 passenger Van (High roof) - $169 per day 3. Package C (driver) 12 or 15 passenger Van (Low roof) - $199 per day 3-5 hours *20%tip recommended 4. Package D (driver) (High roof) - $239 per day 3-5 hours *20%tip recommended..(more)

Welcome to Auto Rental Etc.

Auto Rental ETC has been in business for over 20 years serving it clients by providing vehicles as an alternative solution to the National Brands. What most people don't know is that independent rental companies are able to provide a better service, more options and partner with reoccurring clients to better service them and their rental needs. In 2015 DW Don's Automotive Group acquired Auto Rental ETC company which is headquartered in Lafayette area and has expanded the brand into multiple markets including Lake Charles and New Orleans. What we offer our clients:..(more)

Lake Charles Opens Brand New Location

Auto Rental ETC - The #1 Independent Car Rental business in Louisiana is excited to announce the move to a brand new Lake Charles location on 2100 E. Prien Lake Rd in Lake Charles, LA 70601. Auto Rental ETC is a DW Automotive Group company that specializes in providing rental cars to various industries in each of its markets...(more)

Largest Inventory of 15 Passenger Vans in Louisiana

Auto Rental ETC is now the preferred provider for 12 or 15 passenger vans for the state of Louisiana. Whether you need a van for vacation, church or school functions, business or more contact any of our locations to learn more...(more)

Truck Rental ETC Commercial Rentals

Commercial customers take advantage of our large inventory by allowing us to work together and provide your businesses with Trucks, Vans or large SUV's...(more)