Ridesharing and On-Demand Delivery Driver Program

Ridesharing and On-Demand Delivery Driver Program

Auto Rental ETC Launches its Ridesharing and On-Demand Delivery Driver Program 

It's official, Auto Rental ETC is proud to announce its Ridesharing Earner-ship program is now live and they're currently seeking partnerships in the Lafayette, Lake Charles and New Orleans market. 

"We're excited about this opportunity and believe that this is the future says General Manager Eric Stroderd of its Rental Operations for the DW Automotive Group. "We're humbled that we're capable of helping people earn income and find jobs with our assets in this growing RideSharing and On-Demand delivery space. An interesting fact is that 30% of the driver applications received from these technology based companies are drivers without transportation or adequate vehicles to do the job".

As the demand for drivers continues to grow, the one thing companies like Uber, Lyft, Waitr, Shipt, etc need, is Drivers to keep up with the high demand of its users. The driver industry is only a couple years old but drivers are beginning to earn significant income by managing their time between these companies. The drivers who have personal vehicles are finding much success and starting to make these jobs full time vs part time. The only issue that most drivers face is their form of transportation. 

Rideshare and On-demand delivery Drivers typically average 250 miles per day and that begins to take a toll on their personal vehicles.The dependence of needing a vehicle puts customers in a bind when their vehicles actually break down and or have to go into the mechanic shops. This is where the relationship begins to form with Auto Rental ETC. Auto Rental ETC provides a membership based platform that allows drivers to just come and pick up vehicles temporarily when needing for work and help them continue earning income although their vehicle may be out of commission. 

The bigger and more exciting opportunity is for the would-be drivers who don't have transportation or the means to purchase a vehicle in order to start earning income. Auto Rental ETC earner-ship program is the perfect solution by providing drivers a way to Earn their way into a vehicle. The program is simple. A driver will sign up and receive their vehicle through a simple application process which will allow someone without a vehicle to start earning income by renting a vehicle. The rental period typically last for about 6 months which at that time the driver can then qualify to start the earner-ship program. The program will allow the driver to apply monthly payments towards the vehicle balance that will eventually lead to the ownership of that vehicle.

If you or someone you know may be interested in learning more contact Auto Rental ETC online visit them at AutoRentalETC.com