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Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van

15 Passenger Van

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Passenger Van offers a suitably comfortable ride and behaves itself well on most road surfaces. Cruising around the city, the Sprinter Passenger Van will point and go where the driver wants, and the light steering makes driving through tight city streets a pleasure. On the highway, the Sprinter feels planted despite its height. Passengers in the rear should note that the rear bench sits directly atop the rear axle, and hitting bumps will see heads connect with the roof if seatbelts are not engaged. Going around fast bends reveals a bit of body roll, which is a given when looking at this van's dimensions and weight, but it never feels out of control, and the traction and stability control programs ensure that no serious spills occur.

Features and Options
15 Passenger10 Bags
4 Doors24 Mpg
Rear AC and LuxuryDiesel
USB portsSpecial Deals
Weekend SpecialLeather